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festival attendee guidelines 

Guidelines for participating in the 2023 Black Ink Virtual Book Festival


1. Follow Airmeet's terms of service and all laws for online communication in your area. Visit the Airmeet FAQ for Attendees for more information:


2. Keep all interactions professional and respectful. Keep criticism constructive, and do not attack or harass any of the speakers or attendees. Please refrain from excessive cursing.


3. All forms of discrimination are strictly prohibited, including identity and religious beliefs. Racist and sexist language will not be tolerated.


4. For everyone's safety, do not share or encourage others to share any personal or identifiable information in the publicly viewable areas of the festival.


5. Do not post offensive images, symbols, or messages. These will be immediately deleted and the poster may be removed from participating further.


6. Please do not spam the discussions in the sessions, the lounge, or the booths.


7. Attendees can report any abusive or harassing comments by selecting the comment and selecting "Report" from the drop down menu. The moderation team will be notified of the incident and investigate.


8. Attendees who violate the rules could be blocked from participating in the festival.

site map of virtual venue

Navigate the Airmeet Virtual Platform

Make the most of your Black Ink Festival experience by reviewing our Virtual Venue Site Map. Through the Airmeet platform, attendees will have the opportunity to browse and enter live program sessions, chat with session presenters and attendees, gather at virtual tables in the lounge, learn about and chat with sponsors and authors in our Arena booths and more.  For assistance, you may email

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