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Q: How do I register to attend Black Ink this year? 

A: This year, the free festival is hybrid, so all you need is a computer to register and attend the events. 


Q: In previous Black Ink Festivals, authors were provided an expo table, where they could connect with festival attendees. How will I be featured on a virtual platform?

A: Registered authors will be invited to contribute a five-minute reading from their work during the two-day virtual festival. This will give authors an opportunity to connect with readers and promote themselves and their marketplaces. They will also be able to connect with attendees at virtual "tables." 


Q: How is the money collected through the registrations used by the Black Ink Committee?

A: The funds help make Black Ink Festival possible and are used for the operations of the festival including, but not limited to, programs, presentations, merchandise, venue fees, and more. 

Q: Will authors be able to sell books?

A: Yes, virtual author "tables" will include information about the author and their work including links to purchase their books. 

Q: How many black authors will be featured? 
A: Up to 20 authors will be featured in the festival. 

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