Author FAQ

1. May I ship my books to Memminger or the Charleston Library in advance of the festival?

No, authors are required to bring all materials with them on the morning of the festival.


2. Will the festival be responsible for selling books on my behalf?



3. Will there be electricity and Wi-Fi available for vendors?

Yes, there’s free Wi-Fi. There are a number of electrical outlets around Memminger Auditorium, so you’ll be able to recharge your devices. Outlet proximity to the table isn’t guaranteed.


4. Are tablecloths or display cradles included with the tables?

Tablecloths, yes. Please bring your own additional materials to display your books.


5. How many chairs come with each table?

Two chairs per table.


6. Am I only limited to selling three books, or can I sell as many as I want?

Authors are invited to bring as many titles as they’d like.


7. Are there any book genres that aren’t accepted to sell at the Black Ink Book Festival?

No, but please bear in mind that we hope a number of children will be attending.


8. I am not a Black author, but the subject of my book is about a Black person or people. Am I eligible to be an author vendor?

At Black Ink, we’re specifically trying to promote Black authors.  Many book festivals include few if any Black authors and we hope you understand our purpose for this event.


9. Do I have to be from Charleston in order to participate in the book festival?

No, authors have come from many different states.


10. Will authors be able to hear the keynote address from their tables?

We hope so. The speaker will be amplified but we can’t control the volume of sidebar conversations and other noise.


11. Will there be security for authors’ books and monies if they have to leave their tables?

We’ll have staff and security but unfortunately, are unable to commit to being responsible for authors’ tables. If you’re concerned about this, we recommend that you stay with your table.


12. Can the festival guarantee author sales?

No. In the past, some authors have sold 40 or more books, some very few.


13. Will lunch be provided to authors/are there food restrictions in the vending space? 

We’ll have a special space set aside for authors to get coffee or water and some snacks. If you have a specific food restriction, we recommend that you bring your own. The networking opportunities in this area are among the highlights of the festival.


14. Is parking free or discounted for authors? 

There is no parking at the auditorium. Event parking will be $5 for a full day at the George St. Garage on 24 St. Phillip St. 


15. Do I have to pay the full price for vendors if I can’t attend the Friday night reception?

Yes. You can give your half-price reception ticket to a friend or another vendor’s friend, but the price for authors is the same.

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