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Help inspire hundreds of readers & amplify the voices of local African American authors

Become a Corporate Sponsor of Black Ink

Sponsorship Opportunities

Black Ink: A Charleston African-American Book Festival offers several sponsorship

opportunities to companies of all types and sizes. Should you have a specific request or need, we can also develop a sponsorship package tailored especially for you.

Due to the virtual nature of this three-day event, there will not be a traditional “swag bag” of sponsor-supplied materials. Instead, sponsors are encouraged to provide direct digital-

marketing or service-related incentives such as discount codes for goods or services.

Black Ink Supporter ($500)

The benefits of being a Black Ink Supporter include:

● Company Logo featured in Black Ink social media during the festival

● Opportunities for direct digital marketing to readers and authors via private Facebook

groups set up for the festival

Black Ink Associate ($1,000)

The benefits of being a Black Ink Associate include all of the above, plus:

● Company Logo featured in Black Ink social media

● Company Logo on Black Ink and Friends of the Library websites

● Dedicated individual promotions on all social media platforms

Black Ink Partner ($2,500)

The benefits of being a Black Ink Partner include all of the above, plus:

● Recognized sponsorship of guest authors for readers-track programming.

● Company name/logo featured in all print and digital advertisements

Black Ink Title Sponsor ($5,000)

The benefits of being a Black Ink Title Sponsor include all of the above, plus:

● Exclusive press release sent announcing company’s sponsorship of Black Ink

● 60-second video advertising spots on all Social Media platforms

For sponsorship opportunities or for more information about the Black Ink Book Festival and events, which is hosted by the Charleston Friends of the Library in partnership with the Charleston County Public Library and the College of Charleston’s Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, email Djuanna Brockington, Black Ink Committee Chair, at

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